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DEKOTHERM Standart 5 is a quality thermal insulation system, certified in compliance with BDS EN 13499:2004 and ETAG 004 Standards, which offers a warranty period of up to 5 years.

This system includes the seven main components required to build correctly a reliable thermal insulation: adhesive, insulating material, dowels, putty mixture, reinforcement, primer and finish coat.

Typically, this type of system is offered with an insulation material made from EPS, an option of choice between different densities and thicknesses, adhesive-putty mortars reinforced with fibers for sticking the respective material and different options of finish coat.



Recommended products in the DEKOTHERM Standart 5:


1. Adhesive:   

                             Adhesive mixture for EPS and XPS 

2. Insulation material: 

                               EPS thermal insulation boards

3. Dowels:                   

                                Dowel with plastic nail for EPS

4. Putty: 

                              Adhesive and putty mixture for EPS

5. Reinforcement:

                               Fiberglass mesh

6. Primer:

                                Silicone primer for plasters                    

7. Finish coating (by choice of):

                                Polymer plaster D1.5         

                               Polymer plaster D2

                               Polymer plaster В2           

                               Polymer plaster В3

                                Silicate modified plaster D1.5 

                               Silicate modified plaster D2

                               Silicate modified plaster В2 

                               Silicate modified plaster В3

                                Decorative relief plaster